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Bren's Private Hire Taxi

The Driver

Born and raised in Watlington through the 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's to the present day, so I know the area very well or should do by now anyway! Time moved on and in 2008 after an approx. 30 year stretch in the professional painting & decorating world talking to ceilings & walls every day and licking window panes out of boredom, it seemed time to have a complete change of direction, so Bren's Private Hire was born and I've never looked back, apart from pulling out of junctions of course or dodging the wife's frying pan!

The Work

Airports, Seaports, Hospitals, Train Stations, Private Schools, London & Cross Country Trips, Walkers & Luggage Transfers, occasional restaurants. These types of bookings are all of preference.

I will be honest here though, I'm not a fan of literally picking up very intoxicated passengers or hypocritically speaking, picking up the very mirror version of how I used to be in times gone by many years I tend to avoid the kind of trips that are likely to incorporate these types of pick up's!


For regular work I have built up and targeted a particular type of clientele over the years, some very well known & extremely wealthy, others not so or paupers like myself having to tear into the home vacuum bag in order to find the next penny, but the vast majority of folk are some of the nicest people one could meet & as I look after and respect them, they reciprocate and of course this works both ways. The work is great and I meet so many people from all over the world and from all walks of life! See reviews...

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